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Album art and channel art in different type of Lofi Music channel

Different type of style of album art and lofi art

Lofi hip hop music album art is an interesting art form in which there are many different styles. A lot of them are city scape and have a space feel to it as if you were on another planet. Most will have elements of nature such as tress and plants, but others will be more plain and simple.

A lot of these elements come from the 80's style type of vibe such as cassette tapes and old graphics. The lofi music has been around for sometime but never really got the attention until now.

It's hard to pinpoint what makes the album cover good or appealing to the people who listen to this type of music, but I think it's because it takes us back to a simpler time when we didn't have all these distractions that we do now. In today's society, everything is fast paced and people are always on their phones or computers so they don't get much time out enjoying life. In my opnion, i think it's important to take time out every once in awhile just relax and enjoy the little things around us because they're what make us happy at end day :)

Different size of Lofi Music album art and channel art

Let's say you are a graphic artist working on the cover art for a Lofi Music album. How would you go about designing the cover art?

For physical copies of the album, you need to be aware of things such as printing constraints and requirements, so that when the album is printed, there will be no issues with it.

For digital copies of the album, however, size is not so much an issue. It doesn't matter if your image file is too large... in fact, it's usually better if it is too large than too small! The problem is trying to make sure your image looks good across different platforms at full size and half size.

Because you are making an album cover for lofi music, you have probably been given a list of songs that are going to be included in the album by your client. You also might have some general idea what kind of music it is going to be (e.g. electronic or piano based). These two pieces of information will help inform how you design the cover art.

The most important part of a music video is the audio track. If you want your video to be visually successful, it needs to have a good audio track that can help it stand out from the crowd.

When creating your YouTube channel art, it is important to make sure that it can match the size of your video and not make it look too small or too big. The best way to do this is to create a different sized album cover for each track. This way, when you export your video from YouTube, you will be able to upload it with the original size so that you can use it for everything else on your channel.

As far as the size of your album cover goes, you will need to make sure that you do not go overboard and make it look too big or too small because this will be difficult for viewers to read and understand. You should try to stick with the same size as the other videos on your channel so that they will all have similar sizes when they are exported from YouTube.

Different background color of Lofi Music song-cover art and channel art

To get into the vibe of lofi music, I am going to go through the art style. As I watch a lot of lofi music on youtube and spotify, I can see that they only have one or two colors as their main theme. The duo tone color scheme is a combination of two different colors. This technique is used in photography to make images appear more interesting and attractive.

Most of them are using duo tone or mono to represent the mood. In some cases, they also use a gradient background with a lot of hues and some black and white filter on it.

I noticed that most of their cover art is really simple and minimalistic with no fancy typography at all.

The channel art is more likely using duotone or monotone background instead of full color. Most of the time, the background is a single color. And in terms of color, red and purple are the 2 most popular colors that showing up.

The song cover art are more diverse. They are using a lot of colors, some are even full colors. The most frequently used color is probably blue or black, then red like what we can see on channel art. And also, some song cover art are also use duotone and monotone background to represent the mood as well.

And they both have the same elements like text, repeated pattern and symbols.

New trend in album art and channel art

Duo-tone is a two-color gradient. It's often used to give a photograph a more artistic look.

To do this, you need to have the image in grayscale already. You could use that image for the entire project, but it'll be more interesting to have the duo-tone as just a background.

Black and white images are created by converting an RGB image into grayscale. In RGB mode, each channel (Red, Green and Blue) has 256 values from 0-255, so the total number of colors available is 16,777,216 (256x256x256). Converting the image to grayscale reduces the number of colors, but since the three channels are still kept separate, there's more than one way to create any particular shade of gray.

If you want to reproduce black and white photography exactly, then you need to preserve all 256 levels in each channel. Otherwise, if you combine them into one grayscale image you'll lose information and end up with less than 256 shades of gray.

You could convert an RGB image into CMYK mode and keep the channels separate that way. But if you only need four colors then duotone is easier and produces smaller images. Duotone

How to create a flat design on artwork or channel-art for my Lofi Music

it was a good choice for me to learn how to create CI with flat design.

The Lofi Music scene has a different background color of their artwork and channel-arts, but they have some rules such as:

1. The background color is solid.

2. The background color is flat. not gradients or something like that.*

3. The background color is bright.*

4. the color of foreground text is black or white*

5. The layout of artwork or channel-art is simple.*

6. It's better to add icons of relaxing moods, but it's not necessary*

According to the definition, Lofi is a genre of music that contains elements of hip-hop and jazz. Often times, it has a slower beat than most hip hop songs. This type of music is usually played in the background while people are studying or relaxing.

This style of art usually has a flat design to match the music.

The Lofi music is a genre of music that is usually created using lo-fi technology such as old turntables, reel to reel tape recorders, or similar methods.
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