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All about photography and lofi music.

Based in Causeway bay

Hey there! We're sakuknight, and we're based in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. We're all about urban lifestyle and lofi music, so we decided to put those things together and create a photography platform that celebrates the joy of the city. Leica photography is more than just our lens—it's a way of life.

Hong Kong has been an inspiration for our photography, as well as all of the lofi music we've been listening to while we take these photos. When you combine these two things with our signature black-and-white aesthetic, you get sakuknight.

What's up, HK?

We're trying to find a photographer and lofi music for a lifestyle piece about Hong Kong. It'll be about a bar in Causeway bay, so the photographer should be able to capture it in a clean, polished way.

Leica M10 should be able to capture the atmosphere of the bar, as well as the drinks. We want people to be able to know what they're looking at even if they can't read Chinese or English. The concept is "urban lifestyle," so we're looking for a distinctive-looking building or place in Hong Kong that has that kind of feel.

Welcome to casueway bay leica

Welcome to Causeway Bay, Hong Kong!

A "must-visit" neighborhood for anyone in the city, Causeway Bay is home to some of the coolest indie shops and cafes. It's also great for anyone looking for unique street and nightlife.

Hong Kong has a pretty packed schedule, and sometimes you're just not up for all the activity—but that's when Causeway Bay really comes in handy.

Just a few blocks from Victoria Park, this trendy neighborhood is where you'll find a little bit of everything. You can kick back with lofi music and some great photography at locales like Leica Store, or you can hit up Tea Smith if you want to try your hand at making your own tea blend (and drink it while looking out over Victoria Harbor).

If that's not enough, there's always one more place to check out: Stussy HK. This is a great spot to pick up some fresh local art and hang out with some friends after dark. And when you're ready to cool off afterwards, just head to the harbor—there are plenty of spots where you can sit down and relax while enjoying the view!

Hong Kong is a big city, but it can be lonely.

Fortunately, the Causeway Bay neighborhood is here to help you find a little peace and quiet in all the noise. You can shop for leica cameras, then buy a cold beer at an old-fashioned barbershop.

The A/C's blasting on the Hong Kong metro? Head over to Causeway Bay before you melt.

As you walk down Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, you can't help but notice how modern and fresh the city is. The air smells like rain and the streetlights shine brightly against your skin. You look forward to the day ahead of you as a photographer for Leica, your favorite camera brand. You shoot lofi music festivals and urban lifestyles, but you never stop being a tourist yourself.

Hong Kong has always been a city of contrasts—of high-rises and tranquil parks, of broad boulevards and winding alleyways—but it's the city's deliberate juxtapositions that make it so intriguing.

In Causeway Bay, hip cafés and must-have boutiques are set against a backdrop of historic tenement buildings, and modern gourmet restaurants sit beside family-run noodle shops that have been serving the same recipes for decades. Where else in the world can you find such a vibrant mix of old and new?

The sweet smell of success is in the air here in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

The luscious scent of our locally sourced lemons has been wafting through the streets, and the crisp aroma of our newly-pressed apple cider is intoxicating.

The smell is so strong that it's impossible to avoid. It's everywhere.

To be honest, I've gotten a little bit addicted to it—I even go out of my way to walk past the lemon trees in front of the hotel just to get a whiff. And I don't even like lemons!

So when you come to Causeway Bay and stay with us here at parklane, a pullman hotel, causeway bay, you'll know that you're getting more than just a room: you're getting an authentic experience that will take you far away from your own home—no matter where that is.

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