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lofi music and photography

How are photography and music connected?

Well, here's the thing: We think they are.

We also think you can play lofi music while editing your photos, and we're about to tell you why. Lofi photography is a genre of photography that involves taking pictures with low-quality cameras and editing them until they look like old, blurry photos from the 1800s. It's a fun way to add some nostalgia to your photos, using fun filters and effects.

#1: Because it makes things interesting

Maybe you're not the most talented photographer in the world (yet!), but that's okay! Just playing around with the photo filters can help you learn how to see differently, which is the first step to becoming a true artist. When we take pictures of our food or our friends, we tend to zoom in on what we think is important and forget about everything else. This is called "shallow field of focus," where a picture focuses on just one thing at a time. But when you play lofi music while editing your photos, you might find yourself looking at everything in more detail—and taking better shots because of it!

How are music and photography connected? Do they need to be?

How are music and photography connected? Do they need to be?

Are they connected at all? For sakuknight, the connection between music and photography is essential. The company's online photo editing tools are best used when listening to low fidelity music, also known as lo-fi. The music provides a harmonic background that helps ensure that the user's experience is pleasant and productive. The company's name is a play on the concept of an infinite number of monkeys banging on typewriters and eventually producing Shakespeare, based on the idea that if you have an infinite number of monkeys, eventually one will type out the entire works of Shakespeare. "Infinite Monkeys" has been used as a name for groups of writers or artists, who are thought to be able to accomplish any goal given enough time.

Lofi music and photography are both forms of art.

The goal is to create an emotional reaction in the viewer that the artist has not directly expressed. We see the connection between lofi music and photography when we think about how we react to each. We may have a favorite song, but when we listen to it repeatedly, it becomes boring and loses its meaning, much as photos lose their meaning if we view them over and over again. As a photographer, there are countless ways to take a photo. Which way do you choose? How do you capture the moment? How do you make the viewer feel? These are all questions that a photographer must ask him or herself. Just like with lofi music, photographers will repeatedly shoot one subject or location in different ways until they find just what they're looking for.

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