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Lofi music and slowed song, with retro anime gif and artwork

Lofi music and slowed song, with retro anime gif and artwork.

Lofi music (pronounced low-fi) and slowed song, with retro anime gif and artwork. Lofi music usually use calming and simple color as their cover art while slowed song community tends to use retro anime gif and degenarating type of art as cover.

Slowed song – Chill Music For Studying And Relaxation

So what is lofi music? The word lofi is a shortening of low fidelity – in other words, it means that it sounds lo-fi (or low quality). Typically its produced by recorders and not computers. Lyrics are often obscure or nonexistent at all; instead being replaced by samples or beats. ​Don’t get me wrong, I like my chillstep as much as anyone else; but for studying you want something slower, more mellow. And to be honest most people consider their music relaxing only because they enjoy it so much. Sure Pink Floyd may be relaxing to some people while others find them too depressing; even if we agree on one album there’s usually several different versions of songs which might sound totally different from each other.

Lofi Music and slowed song, are they related?

Lofi Music and Slowed Song have been related for quite a long time. Lofi Beats is one of those few store which provide you lofi or slowed music to artists such as Hong Kong Mushu in a very affordable price along side providing artistic cover art work. It is important that when you are curating your playlist, you ensure that it correlates with what people are looking for now- a way to forget their worries at least momentarily. With over 6 million songs sold and 300+ different albums released since 2010; we've learnt how important it is for people to search something like lofi music hong kong or lofi beats. With our commitment towards high standards in production services and good customer service we aim at making our customers satisfied even after they listen to their slowed track/lofi beat. So make sure if your looking around on google trying to find lofi beats check out our page first!

Retro Anime Gif in slowed song

The best thing about lofi beats is that it can be sang by different people because of its slow tempo. The slowed songs where usually has one singer singing several versions which results in cover and remixes. One example is how there are multiple version of Puzzle or other JPOP artist such as Hamasaki Ayumi that often get covered in very slow tempo beat due to its popularity in Japan. Same goes for all styles such as dance, pop or ballad. It also doesn't stop at slowing down a single song either because many bands use covers from a previously made famous tune; even just making remixed lofi beats from their original record itself. There are also plenty of DJs who make remixes or mix up to four separate songs together into another sample for listeners. A prime example of lofi mixes is First Aid Kit's Blue Lights since there exists over thirty+ mixes done by various users on soundcloud alone.

Cover art in Lofi Music Channel

The cover art used in Lofi Music channel are mostly calming pictures of trees or flowers while using simple color such as yellow, white and green on their cover art. They also frequently use animated gifs in their videos to reflect their lofi genre by using kawaii elements. In Lofi Beats channel which is a sub-channel under Lofi Music channel that specializes in Rap beats using slow tempo (Similar to 'lil spaceby' style), they tend to use retro anime picture as a cover art. For example, one of Lil Spacebys beat is named Andromeda, hence he used neko astro fighter from anime Astro Fighter as his cover art for that particular beat. However another beats made by other artist does not have any link with its name.

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