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Lofi Music Video Cover Art

How to make lofi gif art

Lofi music is a style of hip hop that originates in Japan. It is characterized by chill, laid back beats. As such, the art style that it attracts is also generally simple and relaxed. The art style will usually include clean lines, a high contrast color palette, and a focus on negative space.

The first step in designing your lofi cover art is to select an image. You can use a photo you took yourself or search for one online. If you want to make your life easier, find an image where the subject is not centered, but rather facing left or right with open space on either side of them. This will make the design process later on easier to complete.

Lo-fi music has become particularly popular on YouTube, with thousands of artists and labels making "Lofi Hip Hop Beats to Study To."

Most lofi videos feature a mix of retro video game or anime footage with a still image in the background. Some add animated elements.

While you could make a lofi video using an online tool like Kapwing, this guide walks through the process of creating your own custom GIF from scratch.

What are lofi music videos?

Lofi music videos are a genre of video content that features lofi music and visuals in the background. Lofi music is a genre of music that is characterized by a low-fidelity sound quality, often heavily filtered. This type of visual content has become very popular on social media, especially on YouTube and Instagram.

Lofi music videos are typically used for studying, relaxing, or sleeping. They’re known to promote focus and productivity with the help of their calming melodies and soft, ambient beats.

If you’ve seen lofi music videos before, you know they usually feature some sort of bright-colored animation or looped video in the background that loops seamlessly with the beat. These videos can be as simple or as extravagant as you like!

Lofi music videos, or lofi hip hop, are generally a style of lo-fi music that is usually calm, chilled out. It can be ambient and often has no drums or percussions. Many times there are samples from old jazz records and sometimes even children's toys.

The music itself is not hard to make at all. In fact, you can use whatever you have. If it sounds good to you, it’s perfect! The first step to making lofi music is to get a soft piano vst (virtual instrument). It doesn’t matter what kind of piano it is as long as it isn’t too bright sounding. You want the sound to be mellow and a bit dusty. I like using the Pianoteq because it sounds really nice. It also has some really cool effects that you can use like reverb and delay. You can also import your own samples into the program which means you can use whatever sound you want! You could even sample your own voice!

You can also use other instruments like guitar or bass but I would recommend starting with a piano as it will be easier for you to create melodies and chords with it than with other instruments.

Import the images into a gif editing software

A lofi music video cover art is a great way to get fans excited about your latest music video. It’s also a fun way to promote your brand or artist image. Here are some tips for creating cover art for your lofi music videos.

Use Lofi Music Video Cover Art Images

The easiest way to create cover art for your lofi music videos is simply by using images from the video itself. If you’re creating a video with a humorous concept, a picture of a clown would be appropriate. If you have an animal in the video, using a picture of that animal would be appropriate as well. Just make sure that the image fits with whatever theme you’re going for in the video.

Import the Images into a Gif Editing Software

Once you have some images that you like, import them into a gif editing software such as Photoshop or After Effects. You can animate these images and add effects to make them look even more professional and funny. For example, if you have an animal that looks like it's running away from something, you could use an effect like “Run Away!” This effect makes it look like the animal is running away from something when in reality it's standing still. It's

Add animations and effects

For the first step, you are going to need to rip the audio from your favorite lofi music video and then import the images into a gif editing software. Some people use adobe after effects but I personally use Photoshop.

Color Correcting

The lofi music videos are usually very colorful and vibrant so that is what we need to achieve with our gifs. I want to bring out more of the yellow tones in this picture and make it look more vintage. I’m going to create a new layer, lock it by pressing alt+click on the lock icon and then using the gradient tool with the foreground color set to

If you're a fan of lofi music, but don't want to use third-party royalty-free images on your videos, these tips will help you create your own custom artwork for your YouTube channel.

Why create custom art? Custom artwork can help you give your channel a unique look that matches the tone and style of your music. If you want to set yourself apart from other channels, having a custom banner is one way to do that.

Export animation as video to GIF

The best YouTube cover art templates are those that make the most of YouTube's limited cover image space. The ideal size for a YouTube cover image is 2560 x 1440 pixels.

YouTube cover art surveys your video content and explains what you're all about, to anyone who might not yet know. It communicates your brand, and it gives people an idea of whether they'll like what you have to offer.

A good way to come up with ideas for your YouTube channel art is to look at other YouTubers who are in the same niche as you. Make a list of their covers, and choose the ones you think work well. Then try to create something similar.

Add lofi music audio to GIF in video editor

In this video tutorial, I'll show you how to make lofi music video cover art.

To do this, we're going to need a few things:

A copy of Adobe Photoshop.

Some images of people. I'll be using some from but you can use your own or download the ones that I'm using here if you like.

A copy of Gifmaker. It's free and it works great for simple gifs!

In Photoshop, create a new canvas that is 400x600 pixels in size and save it as coverart.jpg on your Desktop.

Open up the image of your first person and drag them into your canvas so that they're centered on the left side of the canvas. Use the Free Transform tool (Cmd+T) to resize them so they fit roughly in the left half of your canvas without extending out of the top or bottom edges.

Add a layer mask to this layer by clicking on the little rectangle with the circle inside at the bottom of the Layers panel and then click on the Gradient tool in your toolbar and draw a black-to-white gradient from right to left across your canvas to reveal only half of your person's face.

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