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music sharing: juice wrld - robbery (slowed + reverb)

spreading good vibe comments


1 year ago

I like how we all act as a family but we are all just strangers.

Yurple_ Durp

1 year ago

“when a man cries it’s not because they are weak, it’s because they have been strong for too long.” -itachi uchiha 😔

X Alex

1 year ago

When you're happy ,you enjoy the music, when you're sad , you understand the lyrics.

Gabriel Martinez

1 year ago

I'm not sad, I'm not depressed, I'm not mad, just broken, empty and numb.


11 months ago

Stop thinking about her, she doesn’t even love herself

YNG_ アンドリュー

1 year ago

Juice was like a translator for our generation and now that he’s gone who’s gonna do it now

chase knight

1 year ago

i’ve scrolled through these comments for hours, and let me say that this fan base is something else. the fact that one person can bring so many people together is absolutely amazing. rip juice, love you forever 🕊

Joe Powell

1 year ago (edited)

To everyone listening, I finally found a girl. I think she’s the one. I never thought I would find her, but just give it time boys

Edit: its been 15 months and we're still going strong. she's the one


1 year ago

"The mirror is my best friend because when i cry it doesn't laugh." -charlie Chaplin


1 year ago

To everyone that is reading this: keep your head up and just focus on the important stuff in life I believe in all of you! R.I.P. juice fly high.

Steven Jordan

1 year ago

Not friends. Not enemies. Just strangers, with memories.


1 year ago

"No matter how girls treat you,

all girls are the same"


Itz Lis

1 year ago

The day I can listen to this song without crying over him is the day I’ll know I moved on


1 year ago

pov:your in your bed with you eyes closed singing the song to yourself

Paul Cohen

1 year ago

The only sport that’s not canceled yet are the games she’s keeps on playing


10 months ago

" Don't trust anyone, even your shadow leaves you in the dark "

iSage Mode

1 year ago

Falling in love is like giving someone a loaded gun pointed at your heart and trusting them not to pull the trigger..


1 year ago

Everyone here acts like they know each other and I love it.

Caleb Foster

1 year ago (edited)

I have something to tell you...

Whatever your going through, it will be ok(:


1 year ago (edited)

The hardest thing in life is not talking to someone you used to talk to everyday.

Summer Rae

1 year ago

"i dont wanna leave, i just wanna be with you" hits bruh🥺

LegendLee YT

1 year ago

Yo, I'm finna go into 2021 listening to this song.


1 year ago

this song is already amazing let alone it being slowed. when it’s slowed, you’re actually able to listen to lyrics and fully comprehend them. honestly it makes it more sad and makes me miss juice more. his lyrics always put what his listeners were thinking into a song. hope you all stay safe and stay happy during these times. i know it’s hard but try your best 💗

mohamed-hamza msaddaq

1 year ago

Man y'all almost made me cry, I hope you will recover from every pain and loss you have been through. Be safe


1 year ago (edited)

It's sad to see so much sad brothers here. We will get through it, head up kings 👑

Iker C

1 year ago

The sad thing is that the girl you love is the one that hurts you the most...


1 year ago

This is where I come after I lose all hope in myself.


1 year ago

Its sad that he died but maybe now he’s finally happy and peaceful. Rest easy king 👑


11 months ago

This was his last single big hit before he passed and I've listened to this 500+ times when it came out ,RIP young Legend JW


1 year ago

When someone stops talking to you out of nowhere. It's the worst.


1 year ago

When I’m alone my head is a very dark place😞 I try to hide it with smiles and laughter but I just can’t take it anymore

Aden Sundaresan

1 year ago

I can't stop listening to this

IDK why I can't

But every time I listen to this I feel so emotional

Idk if that even makes sense but still I can't stop listening to this


4 months ago

It's hard to say goodbye to someone you truly loved and cared about It's so sad Juice was taken early away R.I.P 🕊💔💔



1 year ago

i just feel like i can't go anywhere to talk about my problems; all my friends know me as this happy guy who makes everyone laugh but nobody knows this emotional, depressed side.

Rico Romani

4 months ago

Crazy how u do t know what happiness feels like until you feel depressed


1 year ago

when someone you had the best memories with becomes just that. a memory.

antonio nastasi

1 year ago

I m italian boy, and i love this song but I love comments even more, It's like there's a big family helping each other and in 2020 This thing is beautiful


2 years ago

this is how many tears she dropped

Lihle Mbanga

1 year ago

I'm listening to this at 2 in the morning and the never ending beat at the end just puts me in another world

angel thornton

1 year ago

This boy got my heart from the first sight, and I'm not sure I wanna be played again or if I should just go for him and have some trust in him like I did the rest.

The Wilson Brothers

1 year ago

Just sitting here and listening to this song just reminds you of how love is fake and juice wrld was able emphasize that by making on of the best songs in last decade.


1 year ago

The moment yu realise they're loosing feelings but you dont wanna say anything so ur forced to sit there and watch as they slowly drift away..

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