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Urban lifestyle at causeway bay, Hong Kong

Urban lifestyle at Causeway Bay

Urban lifestyle at Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. We are making , from making blue color-toned hoodies to easy listening lofi music. With printed photography highlighting the city life, leica photography. Commission is open. Collabration is always open too.

Sakuknight is a young and fresh streetwear brand from Hong Kong with the style of urban lifestyle. Sakuknight is aiming to be a new style brand with identity, combining eastern and western to create streetstyle and making blue color-toned clothes. We are starting to make hoodies, long sleeves, t-shirts, sweatshirts and so on. All of our clothes are printed with photography. What do you think about Sakuknight?"

Urban Lifestyle at Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

This hoodie is hand-made, limited to 30 pieces worldwide, printed on polyester outdoor clothing fabric. It has a comfy fit, and the urban/city-scape photography it is printed on is a metaphor for Hong Kong's modern urban city life: blue sky and colorful building in the background with a rather quiet street scenery of a middle-aged man walking past. A leica camera lens is featured as one of the important items in the background; representing Leica's commitment to craftsmanship and design excellence. The hoodie is extremely soft and light like wearing nothing on top at all, but can resist light wind (no rain resistance though). To wear this hoodie you will feel like you're part of the city, and also feel like you belong in Hong Kong.

Urban Hoodies

Urban hoodies bluer than the sea, Music as blue as the sky. Leica photography capture moments of your life.

The goal is to represent what I have, which are my Leica photos and hoodies.

My inspiration of making this website was to share Hong Kong lifestyle with the world. My inspiration has always been on urban city, every single moment of life in Hong Kong ruled by the land value and digital technologies.

Hong Kong Photography

Hong Kong is known as one of the world's most densely populated areas. Sheltered by hills and mountains, it has earned its reputation as a world-class shopping destination. In addition to Tsim Sha Tsui, Causeway Bay is also a top choice for shoppers that love to look for rare items from all over the world. From shopping to entertainment, arts and dining are all available at Causeway Bay. Living in Causeway Bay has been the dream of many expatriates in Hong Kong since the late 1990s.

Photography, art and design. I'm open for collaborations and commissions.

blue is the color of sky and ocean, a friend's eyes, and a peaceful mind. I want to love blue more and make every day be a day full of blue. this is teamHUEx. everyone has different aspect about the color blue, but together all of us can show our love for the color blue under the same roof.

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