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Urban photography with leica camera

Introduction - Leica

It's been a while since we've taken our Leica out for some photos. So we decided to visit Causeway Bay, one of the most famous neighborhoods in Hong Kong! Causeway Bay is a crowded, vibrant neighborhood full of high-end shops, cheap stores, and restaurants. And honestly, it's this neighborhood's frenetic energy that makes it such an amazing place for Leica photography. Here you can see everything from old women haggling with fruit vendors to businessmen riding hoverboards down the street—and no matter how crowded it gets, everyone seems to stay cheery and friendly. We were initially afraid that the people would be annoyed by us taking pictures of their faces—but instead, they seemed to love it! We even got a few smiles and encouraging words from folks as they walked past us snapping pictures. In short: if you want to take some amazing photographs in Hong Kong, you should definitely go to Causeway Bay!

Symbol of craftsmanship

The Leica has long been a symbol of top-notch craftsmanship and superior quality. But have you seen the work those things can do? Take a look at this photo from Causeway Bay in Hong Kong with our new Leica—it was taken at ISO 6400, 1/250th of a second, f2.8. It's so crisp, it looks like it could be an Instagram filter. The Leica is an investment in your passion for photography, and you'll never regret it!

The Leica Effect in photography

You've heard of the "Leica effect" in photographs, right? It's when you can see the photographer's subject looking directly at the camera. What you might not know is that it actually originates from Hong Kong, where a photographer named Raymond Hu applied for a license to shoot photography along the city's famous "Causeway." The Leica Camera Company wanted to use this famous photograph as an advertisement. Unfortunately, they couldn't find Mr. Hu, or his photo.

The new Leica Q2

Ladies, gentlemen, photographers, and photo-lovers of all ages: behold the Leica Q2. It's pretty easy to get obsessed with cameras. Some people love their Leica Q2s (and we don't blame them). But it's rare to find a camera that can be equally at home in the hands of a professional photographer or a complete photography newbie. It's important that the camera you use can help you bring out your best work every time you pick it up and press that shutter button. The Q2 has been designed with an incredible APS-C sensor. It's got a crystal clear 3" LCD screen so you can look at your shots on the go. The screen swivels 180˚ so you can take selfies from any angle when you're on vacation, or maybe just take a picture of yourself thinking about going on vacation. If you want to make sure your shot is exactly how you want it, there are 4K video recording capabilities with advanced sound and image quality for perfect movies. And if you decide to edit those movies later, there's even an HD-SDI terminal for connecting directly to professional equipment like monitors and projectors for viewing your movies like the pros do in Hollywood! And since it's


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