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Get to Know the Lofi Music Community in the Metaverse

How can metaverse be to get involved in lofi music communities? Let’s take a look at the latest development on lofi community in online platforms, like what happened to lofi music communities on Discord. As Discord is one of the emerging platform for connecting people worldwide, how will the whole lofi community transform on the Metaverse? And how can we realize this new potential of metaverse? Besides, there are more than one ways to deliver content into social media and let everyone has access to enjoy it.

How did it get started, the 2D lofi community

In 2018, lofi music started to become trendy. Many listeners are hyped about its laidback and positive energy. In addition, more and more Youtube creators start doing lofi mix or recommend their favorite beats on their channels. However, it is still not easy for many people like me who want to get into lofi community but don’t know where we can begin. That’s why I visited a few communities on Discord and Reddit one after another and learned from each other how we can enjoy lofi music together. If you would like to join us and learn more about us, please read below

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Some Lofi Artists is already working on this

No Face, Saseo, Daydreams and many more! Find out what are they saying about it. For Example No Face Have a serious amount of followers on their group. And Daydreams as well with over 400 followers already. You can also read some suggestions on one reddit post. So why not try your own? At least you don't want your community being underrepresented :). It would be great if some redditors will come together and contribute to building a lofi community on virtual reality metaverse. Here is an infographic made by Baskerz that showcases how different worlds (different games) do music in diferent ways: (pink circles are youtube links)

This idea was developed from an idea that was started on /r/lofiversesession . And at first i wasn't too sure myself if these ideas were going to work but here we are. Almost 4 days left till release date for our favorite game ever :) . But there is alot of content missing and developers working hard . Like This Content Release List Discussion Started by u/Jumbo_Pork Spoilers As devs usually release information like skins or new features before patch notes get released so that subreddit can have time writing articles.

Where to find this music in the 3D environment - metaverse

There are many DApps in relation with music. In some DApps, you can purchase your favourite songs or albums and even create playlists for streaming. In other 3D spaces like Peer5 network, people often showcase their creations through listening parties which allows more people to enjoy at a time without any hassle. But if you are looking for specific kinds of lofi music, people would suggest you try searching using tags such as #lofimusic# and #lofichillout#. Most community members can be found on sites like Reddit, Discord and Youtube as well. No matter where they gather online, one thing remains clear: they all love relaxing to lofi beats. It’s worth mentioning that lofi is much more than just relaxation - it is also an integral part of individual lives since so many have tried these types of genres before discovering others and finding out what they do not suit them. In fact, in some forms, you’ll get better grades studying! For example, gabber (drum & bass subgenre) has been proven to make students focus better in class because it requires immense mental concentration. However, lofi beats allow listeners to relax instead while still being driven by curiosity. With such a variety available online, there is no end to how deep down the rabbit hole you can go. To those new to lofi music and who may want a starter playlist of sorts, consider listening to Lullabies for Deep Sleep. This compilation was featured on TEDx Talks Live Sessions – Episode 007, The Power of Slow Music which features various talks surrounding how music changes our physical bodies as we listen to it.

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Where to find lofi music inside the NFTs

The NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are a new type of digital asset. Each NFT is unique, just like a physical collectible token on blockchain. As with blockchain games, players can buy, sell and transfer their NFTs inside their game wallet from one game to another. If you are looking for lofi music, I would suggest you visit NEON Exchange. It’s a new exchange built specifically for blockchain gamers where you can find various kinds of crypto games, including CryptoKitties. You will see there are some interesting cryptogames based on blockchain technology such as: Idols Chain and Gods Unchained . Try it out! Also, if you want to listen to songs on SoundCloud , here's an easy way for you. All NFTs have a webpage containing more information about them and each webpage link has share button that allows users to share content across social media platforms quickly and conveniently; it also automatically post them onto Twitter/Discord etc. so that people following your profile know what awesome stuff are you buying or selling!


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