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Lofi playlist style for People with intensive working schedule

You might be already familiar with this music genre, but not know what it means. Lofi stands for low-fidelity and can be described as music that sounds like it was recorded through an old vinyl. Today I want to share with you five great places where you can discover new lofi music and download songs from Youtube and Soundcloud, as well as some of my favorite songs from each service and why I love them so much. So if you are into making your studying sessions more intense or want to relax in the evening, check out these recommendations below! :)

the bootlegboy - very famous lofi mix channel on youtube

Lofi music is perfect for programming.

Most of us have our favorite way to listen to music while we code. Some of us like heavy rock, others enjoy classical, and some people just want silence. If you fall into that last category, here’s a look at how you can use YouTube to create your own lofi (low-fidelity) music player while working. It’s perfect if you need a ton of flexibility and control over what you hear while coding. You might not be able to find everything on Spotify or iTunes but there are a lot of individual artists who put out high quality tracks online. They don’t exactly make it easy to find their content though! Here are 5 tools that I think will help you get started digging through YouTube in search of these awesome tracks. This list is focused more on pure audio/music as opposed to videos so unless otherwise stated, all links point directly to an audio file. We promise you won’t regret listening!

Lofi sounds match the flow of typing.

Lofi music produces a feeling of slowed down time. It’s perfect for those long working hours at your desk. If you’re looking to listen to some chilled out music while writing, then consider turning on a Lofi station and listening to it as you work. This way, you won’t get stressed when working through intense deadlines or projects—instead, you can kick back and listen to some chill music as work progresses slowly by... slowly. What better way is there to ensure productivity? Overall, lofi music will help you focus deeply on tasks rather than distractions. The lack of lyrics allows us to dive deep into our thoughts; whether that be brainstorming new ideas or simply trying to wrap up a report in record time! If we are able to focus more deeply during these periods of focus, our efficiency (and quality) is going to drastically increase compared other less productive methods such as playing background music with lyrics blasting in every direction! Let's face it: lofi sounds are a match made in heaven for all creators who spend hours sitting at their desks typing away - but if you're not convinced yet... Just take a look at some stats below! Stats based off - Music Choice Study & UCLA Science Labs Study. 【Music Choice Study】 Found that participants who listened to study music boosted productivity and scored higher on comprehension exams than students who listened to pop, jazz or hip-hop.

It allows you to concentrate better, even on small things.

Most people don’t listen to music while they work because they fear it will be too distracting. But a growing body of research suggests that listening to tunes while you do your job can have positive effects on your performance and well-being, including helping you concentrate better, even on small things. Music also tends to make us happier and more productive, as well as increase our energy levels and endurance. There are different types of music that help with different aspects of productivity, so find out which type works best for you: focus or drive.

Lofi is unquestionably relaxing while still being energetic enough to keep you focused on your work.

The lofi music trend is an interesting subset of YouTube. Searching lofi results in a barrage of videos offering relaxing instrumental sounds. While lofi music has no official definition, it typically means instrumental music without too much reverb or distortion. This helps keep you focused on your work while providing a soothing soundscape to listen to. These are some great channels to check out if you want to build your own custom playlist Loficulture, Fluff Sundays and Solid Sound Lofi. They have such relaxing and relatable tunes! If you’re looking for specific tracks to add to your mix and not necessarily complete playlists, we highly recommend using Musicbed—an aggregator that pulls all of these amazing artists’ song lists into one convenient location. It’s extremely helpful when looking for something specific since there’s so much content available online. We also like Bandcamp; it has curated playlists with high-quality tracks from different artists that are guaranteed safe from ads and overbearing notifications/features! Give them a try; both options will only enhance your study experience!

Since lofi music is more paced and structured, it helps you focus less on the final product but more on the process of creating it.

Lofi music is great for studying, working, or relaxing. With a calming effect and a slower pace, you are able to savor what you are doing because it takes longer to do so than when playing other types of music. This allows you to appreciate each step of your work or study process, resulting in a much more enjoyable final product. Moreover, by listening to lofi music while studying or working you’ll notice an improvement in your overall ability to concentrate and absorb information.

"With lofi music, you slow down and enjoy what you are doing, which ultimately helps your end product be more enjoyable as well. "

Also, I don't know if this is just me or if other game developers feel this way, but lofi music just makes game development seem more

Conclusion on the list of lofi recommendation

When you listen to lofi music, you can easily focus on your work. As an old saying goes, Silence is golden. Thus, if you feel that your concentration is not enough or do not like too much distraction when doing work, then put on lofi music and enjoy its quiet atmosphere. Choose and listen to your favorite ones based on your working schedule, I recommend you YouTube lofi playlist which contains a lot of different beautiful songs.

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