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Personalise your Lofi Music Listening Habit

Lofi Music, also known as lo-fi, lofi or lo-fi music, is the latest music trend in Indonesia that has spread rapidly among teenagers and young adults. The term Lofi comes from the words low fidelity and refers to an old sound reproduction technique which produces vinyl records of lower quality than conventional ones. Lofi music must have been created using an old audio recording technique or have some kind of warmth that makes it different from modern music.

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Why do we have to personalize a listening habit

By creating a habit of listening to music, we will have a better chance of reaching our goals and achieving what we want. With music, we don’t have to be alone and can still achieve some mental health. Creating an habit for music can reduce anxiety by reducing stress for a short time. This is all about trying to find new way for lofi music listening experience on any streaming platform but it's not suggesting that people should listen to lofi beats every day. Instead, you can listen to different kind of lofi music as you please and gain more knowledge about how musicians made them. So in fact I would recommend doing almost anything else besides listening to lofi beats regularly even if you love doing so because there are many bad effects from listening it too much such as tiredness or lack of interest in other things like work or relationships. Therefore I just recommend making playlist with favorite genre or create a special one which changes over time depending on mood or feeling you're having at that moment. Each person has different preferences and taste of music so why don't we try exploring more than just genres within r&b/soul, hip-hop and indie section? That doesn't mean I am saying those genres aren't good enough! Not only feel relaxed or gaining quality time to yourself during repetitive process but also it trains our memory when working with metadata like title name, album name, artist name etc. Which makes us able to remember information quickly while asking help from others whenever possible.

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Start by searching for lofi music Public Playlist

Start by browsing different lofi songs in premade playlist made by others, there are many great sources for it online. Once you find some songs that you like, create a playlists with them and listen to them as much as possible. After a while, you’ll be able to find more songs with similar mood or feel by yourself. In order to complete our music listening habit, we need to combine premade playlist from other lofi music fans with our own discovery skill. By doing that in an organised way, we will gain a better understanding of different kinds of lofi music out there and how they complement each other. This can become an interesting basis for creating our own individual lofi music playlist on future. - once you find some songs that you like, create a playlists with them and listen to them as much as possible - after a while, you’ll be able to find more songs with similar mood or feel by yourself - in order to complete our music listening habit, we need to combine premade playlist from other lofi music fans with our own discovery skill <This part should talk about - search for specific lofi mix: Looking for related mix on specific website is another good source for discovering new type of lofi song.

Creating some Private Playlist

Creating personal lofi music playlist is way to start personalising your lofi music listening habit. You need to understand that creating good lofi music playlist is different than listening to any genre of song. While on other genre we can feel like listening a story, on lo-fi music track we should understand its natural feeling as it goes with theme and not just focus on instrumentals or beats. In order to create proper lofi music playlist you will have to check out some public playlists created by lofi guru community which contains most famous songs from community. As these playlists already got votes from community they contains most popular tracks among person who listened them so they will serve you best way possible in terms of finding new great songs in lo-fi genre. If you think those playlists are missing some of your favourite tracks then it’s perfect time for adding your own tracks into list. Or maybe there is no such masterplaylist yet but you can’t find enough songs satisfying your needs then try creating one. When sharing personal lofi music playlist make sure to share more about what made you select each and every song in there because even though soundtrack fits perfectly over video when watching video doesn’t mean everyone felt same emotion as author did when was making that specific song choice for specific scene. It requires explanation why things were chosen accordingly.

Lofi Music in Free App Vs Premium App

How to Choose?: Although lofi music app consist of free version and premium version, most of them offer limited time free trial for new customer so that user can get feeling how to use lofi music app easily before making purchase. I recommend you start from those apps to try lofi music experience, but then what’s difference between free app and premium app? Which one is worth for trying? Let’s have a look at some free lofi music apps available on Google Play Store.

What devices should I use to listen to lofi music

If you want to listen to lofi music on a device, you’ll have some choices. While there are standalone streaming devices and high-end audio devices that can stream lofi beats over Wi-Fi, most people opt for a smartphone or MP3 player. On both mobile devices and PCs, it’s best to download an app dedicated to listening to lofi music so that you don’t have to sift through nonlofi options when looking for your next track. Popular apps include Noisli; Ambient Mixer; and Spotify’s Sleep Mode. (Spotify's Dedicated Soundtracks is not dedicated solely to lofi music) . They should all be able to help you curate a personalized lofi music playlist no matter where you are. You may also find public playlists—both user-created and premade by a musician—for songs meant to replicate other genres of music in lofi form. These make great places to start when building your own personalised lofi beat library because they tend to work better as background tracks than many of their individual components would separately. Then again, if you already know what style of instrumental sounds like you personally prefer in order to fall asleep/relax at night, then do as I did with my now private Youtube Playlist which was featuring different artist from Bandcamp with one album/EP each which I believe will give me hours and hours worth of relaxing time due to its calming effect.

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