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some lofi playlists recommendation

Lofi music is perfect for study, office work,

Listening on headphones. Music with quiet sounds and smooth vocals can calm your nerves after a long day. It helps you relax, boosts your creativity, and makes you more productive.

Starting with this cyber city coming session by lofi ghost from youtube - one of my favorite youtube channel that makes lofi remixes. the positivities and energy in this channel's comment section could definitely cheer you up from a exhausting working day.

Coding session

This music is recommended for peaceful listening, and is especially good for meditation or relaxation. Here you can download or listen to selected tracks from the new album – lofi music for study, or read more about this type of music and its creator, LeoNard.

This second one is also from lofi ghost. Instead of extremely relaxing beats and flowly sounds, this playlist mix features rhythmic lofi that actually helps me to focus at work.

Introducing Spotify Playlist:''its all good ~ lofi music to put you in a better mood'' by takayuki – background music mixes for studying, working and relaxing with soft jazz, chill and instrumental music. These are perfect lo-fi mixes for those who love to listen to deep house or just instrumental hip hop, indie & alternative rock while they study or work on their laptop. The beats in such music help promote deep thinking and concentration that eventually leads to more efficient learning.

I like this one because sometimes, you might want to give yourselves a shorter focusing time. A 10-20 mins lofi remixes allow me to have an extra break within an hour. And that short break sometimes changes more than you imagine.


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